Toni Mount at “An Evening with the Authors” London 24 September

Toni Mount at “An Evening with the Authors” London 24 September

We know you love history ... meet your idols!

Want to meet Toni Mount and Claire Ridgway? Why not come along to London on 24 September to MadeGlobal's "An Evening with the Authors" event, where they'll both be meeting and greeting the public, along with an amazing group of 19 historians and authors.

You can find out more at this link: FIND OUT MORE

There will be historical discussions, historical book launches, Tudor music and much more, plus you can meet an amazing range of historians and authors.

Can't make London on 24 September?

Why not join in via live streaming on the internet - more information here: LIVE STREAMING

You'll be able to ask questions to Claire, Toni and all the other historians, plus get to hear exclusive interviews and so on. YOU MUST BOOK A TICKET - IT'S A PRIVATE LIVE STREAM

Here is a flier that we've produced to give out at the event on 24 September, we're hoping that people will be filled with historical euphoria - it won't be hard with so many great things happening at the "An Evening with the Authors" event. BOOK NOW!

Medieval Courses Flier

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