Forthcoming course on Richard III

Richard III
Richard III
We're busy working behind the scenes on a new course for - it's all about Richard III and the Wars of the Roses.

Richard III - a fascinating man

The course will consist of 10 modules, written by historian Toni Mount and narrated by Claire Ridgway, and these will have quiz questions, transcripts, downloadable audio and our usual course text recommendations and sources documents.

Toni Mount is the author of the book "Richard III King of Controversy" and we're so pleased that she has written this detailed course for us. It starts by discussing the reasons and background for the Wars of the Roses, and then leads into Richard III's roles and life. Toni manages to cut through the confusion of this period, making sense of the various factions involved in the Wars of the Roses, bringing battles and historical figures to life with her meticulous research.

We're certain that this course will be a hit, and will become an essential part of anyone's study into Richard, his life and times. Watch this space as the course will be out soon!


  1. Please can you forward me details on forthcoming courses and the heroes and villains course. Does the course once completed come with a recognised certification
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Tony,
      The courses are not recognised by a university, they don’t count as credits towards an academic qualification. Our courses are more to enhance your knowledge and they are devised by a historian.

  2. Would like information on these courses. They are just what I’m looking for. I start a 7 week course on Richard I I I via future learn next week 😀

  3. Can you please let me have details for this course, I am interested in participating. Many thanks

  4. I would be really interested in a course on Richard 111. Please could you E mail me when you have details. Thanks.

  5. Author

    We’re launching this course later this week (today is Mar 7 2016) – just a little bit more material to add to the course and then we’ll be ready … not long to wait!

  6. Hi, tried to sign up for this @ $49.99, but the site wants to charge me $99.99? is this correct?

  7. Is there no way to get certified with these courses, if you are working on becoming a historian?

    1. You receive a certificate at the end of the course but’s courses are not accredited by any academic institution. They’re not a qualification.

  8. Is it possible to do this course using an iPad? I do not have a laptop or a PC. If I am not able to do it just now, how long will it be available?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, I can’t see any problem at all with you doing it on an iPad. Each lesson can be streamed/downloaded as an audio file and/or read as a PDF file. The courses will be available indefinitely and you can do them at your own pace as they don’t have a set start time or finish time and you have lifetime access to them too.

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