1. Recording would not play.Looks like an interesting course though.

  2. Hello Barbara,

    You have to wait for a while. I just listened and it is certainly worth it!

    This was a very interesting account of Jane influenced by feminist views. I don’t think that she has always been portrayed as so good. Sometimes, she is shown as rather sly and hypocritical!

  3. I enjoyed this chapter very much. I have many mixed feelings in regards to Jane, so I was most interested to hear what you had to say. I found it informative and was pleased to hear different views. I have taken a couple of your other courses and plan to take this one soon.
    Thanks for the preview.
    Good night from rainey Sonoma County, CA, USA

    1. I have very mixed feelings too. I do feel that she is often depicted as meek and mild, whereas that might just have been the way she decided to act, but then again she may have been like that anyway. How much choice did she have in what happened in 1536? Probably not a lot. But I do think that it is a myth that she brought Henry and his children back together.

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